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Spying on a Meerkat!

Whilst we had a range of pets and toys joining us at 'Church at Home' last Sunday no one brought along one of these! Whilst we might not be able to visit a Wildlife Park at the moment, why not finish half term by dropping in on the Meerkats and Penguins through these live webcams

The Challenge of Change - Relationships

The last, in a series of short reflections by Ben Harding on the challenges that our current circumstances may be bringing to what we live for.  Today's topic - RELATIONSHIPS! 

At home with the Mezei family

Life in lockdown with the Mezei family 1. Introduce yourselves We're Chris and Nicoleta (Daddy and Mommy), and Isaac and Clara - also known as the Mezei family. We've been coming to Myton for about four years now. We are originally from Romania, but we moved to England 12 years ago, so we call this country home. 2. What impact has the current lockdown had on you both? To be honest, not many things have changed in our day to day lives since we both work from home and would have spent most of our time around the house. Chris is extremely vulnerable, needs permanent care and has to shield. So all of us are doing so along with him. This has been tough, especially with young children and not being able to go out of your home. 3. What does your ‘normal day’ now look like?   Every days looks the same (apart from Sundays!) so it can be a bit tiring at times. Kids wake up at 7am, then everyone needs to be prepared for the day, which takes about 2 hours. We

Another one for the children.

No bird box this time - but there is a polar bear called 'Bob'.

At home with the Reynolds family.

Discover what life for a family of five is like as both generations of the Reynolds family answer our 'At home with...' questions. 1.        I ntroduce yourselves 2.        What impact has the current lockdown had on you?  3.        What does your ‘normal day’ now look like? 4.        Tell us one encouragement you’ve experienced whilst in lockdown. 5.        Any funny moments you are willing to share? 6.        Tell us one thing you are finding challenging. 7.         What aspect of God’s character or work have you been enjoying? 8.        Give us something we can pray for you. The Grown ups! The younger generation!

Resources and stories!

There's a new section on the website. Whether you have been following Jesus for years or just beginning to think about him. Whether you are looking for help for yourself or as a signpost for others. Check out 'Investigate Christianity'  Here's a taster of what you will find there - Rob Mason shares something of his story.

Street art to make you smile!

Something different for the weekend. Creativity to make you smile!

At home with Eileen West

Today we hear Eileen West describe aspects of her 'new normal'.  Introduce yourself I am Eileen West - born and bred in Colne (a Lancashire lass). Widow of Gerald who went to be with the Lord in 2011. I have three children (one in Australia, one in Wales and the other in Sunderland), five grandchildren and one great-grandson, with another due in July in Mexico! I became a Christian aged 20yrs at a Salvation Army Young People's rally in Preston. I was a magistrate in London for 25yrs before retiring to Warwickshire and joining Myton Church in 2006. What impact has the current lockdown had on you? Living alone I have kept very strictly to the self-isolating rules and had lots of plans for working through a list of  'things I need to sort out' now that I have all this spare time! Very little seems to have been accomplished after an initial burst of energy. Lockdown is a strange and lonely experience. So many people now stay in their apartments so it i

An update from the Elders

Just in case you've missed yesterday's update from the Elders

The Challenge of Change - Meaning

The latest, in a series of short reflections by Ben Harding on the challenges that our current circumstances may be bringing to what we live for.  Today's topic - MEANING! 

At home with Andy Mitchell

Today we get a glimpse, in his own words, of life in lockdown for Andy Mitchell. Andy (and a friend waiting at the door) Introduce yourself My name is Andy Mitchell, I have been attending Myton church since June 2018, since the beginning of this year mostly at the Westbury service. What impact has the current lockdown had on you ? To be honest life has hardly changed for me personally. The one noticeable aspect is, as with everyone else, not being allowed to socialise. What does your ‘normal day’ now look like?   For the past 2 - 3 years most of my time has been spent renovating an old cottage, so as you can imagine a lot of my days have been spent hidden away. As a consequence of the lockdown things are pretty similar - apart from the inability to acquire certain materials. Tell us one encouragement you’ve experienced whilst in lockdown. One encouraging aspect is the willingness of people wanting to help with things we might need, providing it can be done

Meet the people co-ordinating 'Myton Kids' and who introduced us to 'Arthur the Adventurer'!

Tim and Grace Carter Who are you, where are you from and what do you do when not having encounters with Arthur or talking to kids? Grace: I’m a research psychologist and I’m originally from Manchester. I enjoy baking, trail running, and just generally being in the outdoors! Tim: I’m a physiotherapist from the Wirral and also love most things outdoors (this includes sleeping and eating) sadly I have yet to meet Arthur the Adventurer, but hope to bump into him on one of his adventures. How did you both get involved in working with children? Over the years what has this looked like?   Grace: Being involved in children and youth ministry stemmed from having a passion for sharing the gospel with children and young people especially as I myself professed faith as a child. The spiritual input I had from church, youth groups and meeting with many other young believers was so important as I grew in my faith and understanding of God. Over the years I’ve been part of the Keswick

How to draw a Gruffalo!!

It's Saturday. It's the weekend. And so for something totally different... A visit to the British Library... To discover some secrets about children's books. To start with how about finding out how to draw a Gruffalo! And there's so much more...

The challenge of change - joy

As we all adjust to new norms and life looks very different, Ben Harding addresses the next in our series about the 'Challenges of Change.' Today gets us thinking about 'joy and comfort'.   

At home with Pam Kaur

In her own words, Pam Kaur tells us about her 'new normal'! Pam Kaur Introduce yourself I'm Pam, and I'm a school teacher and currently on lockdown with my mum, whom I live with. While I'm on a rota to go into work, I've actually been working from home and am due to go in next week for the WHOLE week. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really looking forward it!! What impact has the current lockdown had on you? Lockdown has been interesting for me, I loved the first two weeks just because I have a difficult class and was exhausted by them, so a wee break was more than welcomed. However, by week 3, online learning was slowly testing the little patience that I had and I realised for one's mental wellbeing, face to face contact is a much better way in which God has created us to communicate! How wise He is. What does your ‘normal day’ now look like? A normal day for me starts at 8.30am, where I go online to post 'wo

One for the children - 'The little blue box'

A story for young children about being in locked in. Created and told by someone who once was 'little' but then grew up! As she did she attended Myton Church services, clubs and Sunday School, (her parents and brothers came to some of those too!) . She even came back and worked with us for a year after graduation.   'The little blue box' by Steph

At home with the McEwens

Today we get a glimpse, in their own words, of the impact of lockdown on octogenarians John & Margaret McEwen. Margaret & John (pre-lockdown!)           Introduce yourself We are John and Margaret McEwen, aged 84 and 82. John a retired bank executive and Margaret a nurse and midwife. We have two children and six grandchildren. One family live in Warwick and the other in New South Wales, Australia. We became Christians aged 8 and 10 respectively.         What impact has the current lockdown had on you?        All community activities at Queensway Court where we live have closed and most people are in lockdown so are rarely seen. We keep in touch with several, but it has become a rather impersonal location, except when many of us go out onto our balconies to clap the NHS on Thursday evenings.        What does your ‘normal day’ now look like? Our ‘normal day’ provides opportunities for reading, John to do his Sudoku puzzles and prepare our meals. We

Prayer for Schools Fortnight

Whether you are a student, staff member (in the classroom or elsewhere), parent, governor or schools worker 'SCHOOL' looks a bit different at the moment. Whilst the weeks ahead may still seem very uncertain we can pray for both present issues and future possibilities with utter confidence.    Join in 'Pray for Schools' fortnight using the points in the video (shown in the Myton Service on May 10th) or from the Prayer Cards.

Marriage conflict in quarantine.

American Steve Hoppe observes that 'It’s been said that only two things in life are certain—death and taxes. If you’re living with your spouse in isolation during this COVID-19 crisis, I’d add one more: marriage conflict.' 'Times are stressful. Uncertainty abounds. The uncharted waters of the coronavirus pandemic are requiring collaborative co-navigation with your spouse, but you’re driving each other nuts as you steer the family boat. You’re quibbling and quarreling. You’re correcting and criticizing. You’re disagreeing, debating, and potentially devouring each other with your words...' Read the rest of his article to discover some principles that may help marriages feeling the strain in this tumultuous time.  

At home with...Camelia & Feyza

Originally from Romania, Camelia and her daughter Feyza now live in Warwick, as does her sister Nicoleta (Mezei) and her family (husband Cris and children Isaac & Clara). As Cris is confined to a wheelchair Camelia is involved in providing additional and often daily help to the Mezei family. Feyza (left) and Camelia (right) In her own words Camelia gives us an insight to her new normal.    1. Introduce yourself Hi! My name is Camelia aka “Feyza’s mum” or Nicoleta’s sister 😊 . 2. What impact has the current lockdown had on you? Even though lockdown didn’t impact us as much as other people were, we had times when we felt really down and stressed. It took us a while to get in to the new routine, but I can say we finally made it. 3. What does your ‘normal day’ now look like? A normal day starts with us going to Cris and Nico in the morning around 8:30am and finishing somewhere around 2 or 3 pm, sometimes maybe even late if is good weather, as Feyza enjoys playing wi

The challenge of change - Security

Today we consider how these unusual days may be revealing where we look to for our SECURITY. A full bank balance?  A full diary?  A full fridge?  A full home?  And how is the Lord asking us to respond?

At home with...Jilly

In small or large ways we are all adjusting to a new normal. Our daily lives look different. But most, if not all, of these adjustments are hidden from those in our church community who live beyond our own four walls. We might be able to imagine what others are experiencing but we can't see it. In the late 1980s there was a game show on ITV called 'Through the key hole'. It featured the host going into celebrities homes and then a panel in the studio having to guess the famous homeowner based on what could be seen in the rooms. Over the next few weeks we are going to step into the 'homes' of some in the church - not to guess who the house belongs to but to discover what the 'new normal' looks like for their life.  Different ages, stages and circumstances. Everyone will be asked the same questions. Answer in their own style. And together give us a taste of what life looks for them at the moment.    Jilly 1.       Introduce yourself Hi,

The challenge of change - an introduction.

At the beginning of 2020 who would have thought the year would hold for us, and most of the world, a period of lockdown, where almost every aspect of life would be changed. Whilst the exact nature of the changes have probably varied for each of us, for those of us who follow Christ they will have brought not only opportunities but also temptations. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting a series of short thought provokers, as Ben Harding helps us explore some of the temptations change may be bringing.

Carlisle and the Caribbean - news from the Lees

The OM ship, Logos Hope , is a huge floating bookshop, ministry hub and normally home to a crew of 400 from 60 nations. Jon and Amy Lee update us on the impact of the Coronavirus on both the ship and their own ministry.  

So you think you have problems when you can't find a parking space!

And so for something totally different today! In those moments when you struggle to park the car... ...spare a thought for those who are not trying to park a car but something that is almost 80m wide and not much shorter! And there's not just one of them but thousands- in fact 60% of the world's airfleet.  How do you park them? Where do you put them?   Although set in America - this little news piece has some amazing images and don't be offended when one plane is slightly off-kilter in a near perfect line of aircraft!    

Jesus' secret underground church

Children needing something new to do? Open Doors have a range of resources to help children (and big kids) develop their understanding of Jesus' secret underground church.  Pick and mix different activities about various nations.   Meet Hami whose parents are secret believers. Send a drawing to children in Iran. Make a secret house church in North Korea.  Discover how to use Psalm 23 to help someone impacted by the 2019 bombing in Sri Lanka