Spying on a Meerkat!

Whilst we had a range of pets and toys joining us at 'Church at Home' last Sunday no one brought along one of these!
Whilst we might not be able to visit a Wildlife Park at the moment, why not finish half term by dropping in on the Meerkats and Penguins through these live webcams

The Challenge of Change - Relationships

The last, in a series of short reflections by Ben Harding on the challenges that our current circumstances may be bringing to what we live for.  Today's topic - RELATIONSHIPS! 

At home with the Mezei family

Life in lockdown with the Mezei family
1.Introduce yourselves
We're Chris and Nicoleta (Daddy and Mommy), and Isaac and Clara - also known as the Mezei family. We've been coming to Myton for about four years now. We are originally from Romania, but we moved to England 12 years ago, so we call this country home.

2. What impact has the current lockdown had on you both?

To be honest, not many things have changed in our day to day lives since we both work from home and would have spent most of our time around the house. Chris is extremely vulnerable, needs permanent care and has to shield. So all of us are doing so along with him. This has been tough, especially with young children and not being able to go out of your home.

3. What does your ‘normal day’ now look like?

Every days looks the same (apart from Sundays!) so it can be a bit tiring at times. Kids wake up at 7am, then everyone needs to be prepared for the day, which takes about 2 hours. We have breakfast and our devotional ti…

Another one for the children.

No bird box this time - but there is a polar bear called 'Bob'.

At home with the Reynolds family.

Discover what life for a family of five is like as both generations of the Reynolds family answer our 'At home with...' questions.
1.Introduce yourselves 2.What impact has the current lockdown had on you?  3.What does your ‘normal day’ now look like? 4.Tell us one encouragement you’ve experienced whilst in lockdown. 5.Any funny moments you are willing to share? 6.Tell us one thing you are finding challenging. 7. What aspect of God’s character or work have you been enjoying? 8.Give us something we can pray for you.
The Grown ups!
The younger generation!

Resources and stories!

There's a new section on the website. Whether you have been following Jesus for years or just beginning to think about him.
Whether you are looking for help for yourself or as a signpost for others.
Check out 'Investigate Christianity' 
Here's a taster of what you will find there - Rob Mason shares something of his story.

Street art to make you smile!

Something different for the weekend. Creativity to make you smile!