The absence of small talk - does it matter?

I wonder what you miss most about church life? 
Let's be honest even socially distanced church life had some things that were notable by their absence.

Here's a few of mine..
Seeing someone's smile. 
Singing and hearing others sing.
Children and their toys galloping up the steps into the building. 
Greeting others with a hug/handshake/'high five' (delete as fits your personality). 
Snatched conversations in the foyer. 
Small talk over coffee. 
Longer chats that catch up on life and 'put the universe to right' - well at least our small corner of it!
There are others - but that's enough. 
What would be yours?

 It seems the pandemic has had an impact on a whole range of relationships, what one psychologist has called 'friendship funnelling' but what if 'small talk' and casual interaction has an important part to play in life.

Today's article on 'Church small talk was more important than I thought' is one person's reflection on the changes of the past year and the place of 'small talk' going forward.


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