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 Grishma updates us on Nayagaun Church, Pokhara

We hope and trust that you have been doing well!

I just would like to update a few points from Nayagaun, Pokhara -

After 10 months of closed down (so far we had online Church services) now from 30th January we are going to open the Church and will be having fellowship physically, we will have two services (sessions).

The construction of the Aged Care Centre building is ongoing on and now interior final works are being done, we hope that after a few months (2 or 3 months) we will be able to do the opening ceremony! Please continue to pray for this wonderful work.

Recently we went to a remote village named Tare, in Parbat district and dedicated a newly built Church building, that is one of our sister Churches. (picture is enclosed)

Some of our Church members were caught COVID-19 positive, some of them already passed through and now negative! Some are still in the isolation, sadly one died. As a Church we continue to provide service and support to the affected people in the community and at hospital too. Let us continue to pray for the situation (I think we have similar situation in many parts of the world).

LEAD-Nepal has done wonderful support/relief work during this COVID-19 pandemic (during lockdown and afterwards) for the Church

leaders in different parts of Nepal (specially in the western part), as most of them have not getting any salary/regular support from their churches for living, due to COVID many lost their job and that impacted the tithe and offerings in the Church! So in this situation, LEAD- Nepal was able to support them some way with your great generosity, thank you so much for your generosity and ongoing support in this difficult time!!

Kindly convey our love, greetings and sincere thanks to all those friends and families who have been praying and supporting our ministries.

Please find some pictures with the attachment.

Yours in Christ,



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